What is a National Stock Number?

What is a National Stock Number?

The National Stock Number or commonly referred to as an NSN in the USA is used to identify supply materials that are standardized and approved by the NATO countries.

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Another name for an NSN is a NATO stock number; it is a 13 digit code in which countries use NSN under the NATO standardization agreement. All countries in the treaty use NATO stock numbers. The NSN catalog consists of over 7.5 million different active items. And over 20 million different part numbers under various manufactures.

Federal Supply Group (FSG) is identify  by the first two digits. The broad category in which the item belongs.

National Item Identification Number (NIIN) is the last 9 positions and identify the specific item.

The first two positions of the NIIN identify the NATO country code for the country making the number assignment.

The last seven digits of the NIIN are the item serial number.

The serial number does not follow an assignment pattern.  it is merely a number for the item. A National Item Identification Number (NIIN) is a nine-digit code that identifies each item of supply. A National Stock Number (NSN) is a 13-digit number consisting of the four-digit Federal Supply Class (FSC) and the nine-digit NIIN.


US Department of Defense - national stock number catalog

The United States Department of Defense is also a part of the groups that use the NSN to purchase various supplies and materials they consume often. Countries that use NSN’s but are not members of the treaty include countries such as Japan and New Zealand. The UK uses Domestic Management Code.

We did a simple google search for national stock number information, and came across this website. https://nationalstocknumber.info/ They have an entire catalog of nsn’s to part numbers.

Airframe Structural Components, Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment, Jet Engines And Components, Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment, Aircraft Maintenance And Repair Shop Specialized Equipment were just a few categories that we had interest in.

Products Carried:

First Aid Kit – NSN 6545-01-599-5586 (https://nationalstocknumber.info/national-stock-number/6545-01-599-5586)

6545-01-599-5586 first aid kit

Hoist Hook – NSN 4030-01-242-1985 (https://nationalstocknumber.info/national-stock-number/4030-01-242-1985)

4030-01-242-1985 hook


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