Ground Support Equipment for F-18 Aircraft

Ground Support Equipment for F-18 Aircraft

Brake actuators are the devices that convert the compressed air force within a truck, trailer or aircraft’s air reservoir into a mechanical force, which activates the brake. But imagine one for an aircraft ground support equipment.


The size, the complexity, the strength, and the cost may be a little different then a truck brake actuator. This particular brake actuator is for an F-18 aircraft.

F-18 aircraft

These brake actuators sell between $900.00 – $3,000.00 depending on the quantity, and condition of the units. They can be ordered under the government national stock number 2530-00-010-8150.

Federal Supply Class
(FSC 2530)
Vehicular Brake Steering Axle Wheel And Track Components Catalog

This unit pictured below went to the Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We found more information on this item on AeroBase Group website here