Bell Helicopter History

Bell Helicopter History

As one of the most effective and popular brands of helicopter out there, Bell has established itself as one of the key names within the industry for some time now tanks to their incredible attention of detail and their intricate nature inside the cockpit by the helicopters themselves.

They know how to make the interior of a helicopter spacious and comfortable, as well as ensuring that pilots have the depth and detail of options available to them to make sure they can take off, fly and land without any potential problems.

The company itself has a huge amount of history, having first been formed in 1935. The helicopter brands that they offer are used around the world, and its humble beginnings in Texas, USA have seen Bell expand far beyond their original position to become one of the genuine leaders of aviation in the world.

Bell Helicopter Parts

They provide commercial aircraft for various services and solutions, and also offer training and support all across the globe for any company that is using Bell products on a regular basis. Getting this right is vital, and it will be a massive part of making their service as useful as possible in the coming years.

However, Bell have always been noted for their dedicated and friendly support structure. This makes it much easier for you to hop into the cockpit and to feel as if you are taking off into something truly unique; their helicopters, from the Bell 30 through to the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, have all come with a guarantee of performance and quality.

Bell Helicopter Parts

Bell Helicopter 505 Ranger

The company’s strength and foundation has been there from today once, as the Bell Company focused on creating fighter aircraft that could make as significant difference on the battlefield. They came up with two specific fighters; the XFM-1 Airacuda, and the P-39 Airacobra.

Both were relatively well received but they were never quite the level that some were hoping for. Rather than letting it get them down, Bell worked on the problems and soon started to move into newer levels of helicopter design and development across the globe.

Eventually, the company lost its dependence on government and military equipment and was producing commercial helicopters – the Bell 47 being their first of note – for various purposes worldwide.

Bell 47 Helicopter

Bell 47 Helicopter

Eventually, the company was bought out by Textron and it eventually became a massive part of the industry for helicopters as their helicopter arm became the strongest of the company. Their most successful release, arguably, is that of the UH-1 “Huey”. This helicopter was used during the Vietnam War to amazing effect and it soon became one of the most prominent pictures of the entire conflict.

Bell UH-1 Helicopter Parts

Bell UH-1 Helicopter

Since then, the company has been known to hold extremely close relations with AgustaWestland and various other aircraft systems. They work with AgustaWestland on many aircraft, creating powerful collaborations that can stand the test of time.

The aircraft range they provide, and the depth of innovation they offer to the helicopter industry, has made them one of the most prominent names out there.

V-280 Valor

Bell new military helicopter is the V-280 Valor.

V-280 Valor

The Bell V-280 Valor design supports ground maneuver and is purpose built for the squad plus enablers. Safe and survivable, the design features integrated cabin armor, fly-by-wire component redundancy, state of the art countermeasures and performance. Bell Helicopter’s design to build technology used on the V-280 Valor significantly enhances manufacturing, assembly, and sustainability, while greatly reducing the total cost of ownership. Advanced tiltrotor speed and range provides commanders access not currently available. With more than twice the speed and range of current helicopter platforms, the Bell V-280 Valor provides access to get to the objective while providing superior agility at the objective.

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